Although this is technically a blog, it's primary content is a series of articles on how to get Firefox working in a corporate Windows environment. Later ones build on earlier ones, so you might want to use the Table of Contents on the right to read through it chronologically instead of reading straight down from here.

Firefox MSIs

Mozilla doesn't provide MSIs directly.  For that you have to go to FrontMotion.  They have three offerings:
I'm going to be using the plain Firefox MSIs for the rest of these articles.  Why?  Users are more familiar with the original branding ("Mozilla Firefox" plus the icon we know and love) I'm going to show how to manage extensions via their own separate MSIs later (necessary because we're going to be editing one of them) and we're going to need to configure settings beyond what FrontMotion makes available via group policy (although that doesn't mean you can't use group policy for the supported settings and my method for the rest if that's your preference.)

Important: Legacy Firefox extensions (those not written as WebExtensions) are not going to be supported in Firefox 57 and beyond, so if you want to use them you should use the ESR 52 release.  That will be supported until May 2018.

This blog assumes some familiarity with installing software via group policy, so I'm not going to explain it here.  If you want to know how to install an MSI via Active Directory, go here:

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