Although this is technically a blog, it's primary content is a series of articles on how to get Firefox working in a corporate Windows environment. Later ones build on earlier ones, so you might want to use the Table of Contents on the right to read through it chronologically instead of reading straight down from here.

Upgrading to Firefox 19

I'm still here, but I'm not going to post an update for every Firefox release.  I have been keeping up with them, but many don't require changes to the instructions on this blog so I'm only going to post when there's something you should be aware of.

Speaking of which, Firefox 19 introduced a built-in PDF viewer that's enabled by default.  If this works for you, great!  One less thing to manage and one less attack vector.  However, the people at my organization frequently use fillable PDF forms and so they need Adobe Reader proper.  I updated the Additional Useful Settings page with the line you need to add to my script to disable it.