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Upgrading to Firefox 9

I've updated the site for everything you need to do to push out Firefox 9.  Here's a summary of the changes for those of you who have already followed these instructions for Firefox 4:
  • FrontMotion has stopped including Flash with their Firefox MSIs, so tweaking our custom version with Orca got simpler.
  • The XMarks extension needs to be updated to work with version 9, so I updated that post with the slight changes required for XMarks 4.0.5.
  • The PlainOldFavorites extension no longer works from C:\Program Files, it must be installed in the user profile folder.  I updated my login script to allow you to specify extensions where that's the case and it will copy them over to the profile for you.
  • I switched from IE Tab Plus to IE Tab v2, which requires slightly different settings but allows the rule variable to be the same.  The script was updated to support them both from the same ieTabRules variable.
  • New versions of Firefox ask users if they really want all the extensions that are installed, plus they treat extensions installed via the registry as suspicious and ask the user about those too.  Since that affects the extensions we're pushing out via MSI I documented what you need to do to disable it.
  • I documented a few other Firefox settings you may want just to prevent it from popping up some unnecessary notices.

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