Although this is technically a blog, it's primary content is a series of articles on how to get Firefox working in a corporate Windows environment. Later ones build on earlier ones, so you might want to use the Table of Contents on the right to read through it chronologically instead of reading straight down from here.


I like Firefox.  I use it at home.  At work I use Active Directory to manage our network, and therein lies the problem: Firefox doesn't really like Active Directory.

This is really a failure on Mozilla's part, and I suspect on the other alternative browsers as well.  If you want to make inroads in the corporate world you need to make it easy for the administrators who need to roll it out and configure it centrally.  You need to provide MSIs and support group policy, otherwise Internet Explorer will continue to be the default because it is just so much more manageable.  Say what you want about Microsoft but they take care of IT very well.

However, you can make it work, and this blog is going to explain how.  Hopefully this blog will be obsolete someday and you won't need these little tricks and hacks, but until then, this is how I made it work.

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